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Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic Imaging

The Synapse Medical Diagnostic Imaging Division provides the highest level of customer engagement through market leading innovative technologies from GE, Ulrich Medical and Calmed. Through our highly skilled and medically trained personnel, we provide products such as: Contrast Media for CT, MRI and Cardiology, CO2 Insufflators, Syringeless Contrast Media Injectors (CT and MRI), Molecular Imaging Portfolio.

In 2016, Synapse Medical diversified into the UK Healthcare sector and are now the exclusive distributor for Ulrich Medical throughout Ireland and the UK. To support their expansion throughout the UK Market, Synapse Medical have partnered with Hugo Technologies to provide Technical Engineering support to customers throughout the UK with three base locations Nationwide. They are now present in over 33 hospitals in the UK and will continue to deliver the highest level of customer service and clinical support to ensure the ongoing needs of customers are met on a daily basis.

For more information on our Diagnostic Imaging Solutions, or if you require advice or assistance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Bernard O'Brien, Head of Diagnostic Imaging for Synapse Medical in UK/ROI. Email: | +353 86 020 6541

  • Calmed

    Product Info


    Automated CO2 inflation system for CT-Colonography / Virtual Colonoscopy.

  • Clariscan

    Product Info


    Clariscan is a macrocyclic, general purpose gadolinium-based contrast agent, used to enhance visualization in MRI procedures across a range of indications. Manufactured by GE Healthcare in a range of packaging options and has a well established tolerability profile.

  • Febromed

    Product Info


    Whether in magnetic resonance tomography (MRI), computed tomography (CT), X-ray diagnostics or radiotherapy: in radiology, it’s all about the details. Highly specialised equipment in a professional environment helps to make exact diagnoses and implement precise therapies.

  • Kubtec - The GammaPRO System

    Product Info

    Kubtec - The GammaPRO System

    A modern, highly innovative gamma detection system optimized for today’s fast-paced clinical environment.

  • Kubtec - The MOZART® System

    Product Info

    Kubtec - The MOZART® System

    Kubtec specimen imaging technology empowers clinicians with precision margin management technology. Kubtec technology allows clinicians to see more and act more decisively.

  • Kubtec - The MOZART® Supra System

    Product Info

    Kubtec - The MOZART® Supra System

    When you need 3D images of specimens of all sizes in pathology

  • Kubtec - The XPERT® 20 System

    Product Info

    Kubtec - The XPERT® 20 System

    The most compact, most powerful, easy to use core radiography system for the biopsy suite.

  • Kubtec - The XPERT® 40 System

    Product Info

    Kubtec - The XPERT® 40 System

    High-resolution specimen X‑ray with a toolkit of innovative, best-in-class features designed to help you be more efficient.

  • Kubtec - The XPERT® 80 and 80L System

    Product Info

    Kubtec - The XPERT® 80 and 80L System

    Unsurpassed image quality, ease of use, and reliability for routine gross specimen imaging.

  • Lemer Pax - Easypharma Compact

    Product Info

    Lemer Pax - Easypharma Compact

    Ultra-compact hot cell for manual preparation of low and medium energy radiopharmaceuticals

  • Lemer Pax - Easyview Syringe Shields

    Product Info

    Lemer Pax - Easyview Syringe Shields

    Complete range of Tungsten Syringe shields.

  • Lemer Pax - Lead Glass Vial Shields

    Product Info

    Lemer Pax - Lead Glass Vial Shields

    Lemer Pax lead glass vial shields.

  • Lemer Pax - Posijet

    Product Info

    Lemer Pax - Posijet

    Independent fractionation and injectiong unit for high energy radiopharmaceuticals labelled with 18F, 68Ga, 13N, …

  • Lemer Pax - Theranojet

    Product Info

    Lemer Pax - Theranojet

    Shielded injection system for Theranostatic products.

  • Omnipaque™

    Product Info


    Administered since 1982, Omniapaque is a low osmolar contrast agent used during X ray imaging to enhance and visualise internal structures within the body.

  • Rapiscan

    Product Info


    Rapiscan is the only approved hyperaemic stress agent for myocardial perfusion imaging (MPI) and fractional flow reserve (FFR)1

  • Ulrich MAX

    Product Info

    Ulrich MAX

    The MRI Max3 Syringeless contrast injector is the gold standard in contrast injector technology. The new generation of MRI power injectors uses the Easy-Click-Cassette which provides unparalleled advances in hygiene, safety and efficiency. The Max3 only needs to be prepared once a day with the Easy-Click-Cassette.

  • Ulrich CT Spicy

    Product Info

    Ulrich CT Spicy

    The “Spicy” version of the CT Motion (CT motion™ SPICY ) is equipped with new software and hardware functions. These new functions include a variety of software features as well as supplementary hardware product components.

  • Ulrich INJECT CT Motion

    Product Info

    Ulrich INJECT CT Motion

    The CT motion offers the CT and Radiology department a seamless and time-saving examination as the injector only needs to be setup once a day.

  • Visipaque™

    Product Info


    Visipaque is an isosmolar contrast agent developed to further improve the toxicity profile of contrast agents, suitable for patients considered at high risk for cardiovascular or renal insult.

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