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Veryan BioMimics Stent

Veryan has developed innovative technology to improve the performance of vascular stents by adopting the principle of biomimicry; developing structures that imitate those occurring naturally.

The BioMimics 3D Vascular Stent System is a peripheral self-expanding stent with a unique 3D helical geometry which imparts a gentle helical shape to the stented artery.

  • Provoking a swirling flow-mediated increase in wall shear stress that has been shown to reduce intimal hyperplasia.
  • Improves biomechanical compatibility to reduce vascular irritation and injury.
  • Reduces the risk of stent fracture.

Swirling flow: nature’s way of protecting patency, engineered by Veryan to improve stenting outcomes as demonstrated in the MIMICS clinical programme.

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