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ulrichINJECT CT motion™

Do you wish to revolutionise your CT contrast scanning workflow?

A seamless and time-saving examination is the basis of any optimal workflow within CT departments across the NHS. The application of contrast media has never been so easy: The CT motion requires one daily set up, utilising the only unlimited 24 hour day set on the market. Once prepared, the CT Motion is ready for use for 24 hours. Due to the two-part tubing system, only the single use patient tubing needs to be changed for each patient – the pump tubing can remain in place in the injector for 24 hours for as many injections as desired. Thus with the CT motion, a patient changeover takes only a few seconds.

Setup made easy
  • Insert pump hose
  • Connect patient tubing
  • Attach media container
  • Done!
Patient changeovers in only a few seconds
  • Detach patient tubing
  • Connect new patient tubing
  • Done!

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