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ulricheasyINJECT Max™

The future of MRI contrast media delivery!!

The administration of MRI contrast media has never been so easy. The MRI contrast media injectors from Ulrich Medical® are the first of their kind. The new reservoir contrast media injectors, drawing on the patented roll pump technology from Ulrich Medical, unlocks new potential for MRI contrast media delivery across the NHS.

The Ulrich easy Inject MAX, requires on daily set up – the easy-click 24 hour patented cassette is inserted and is then ready for 24 hours of use. This principle guarantees an unbeatable combination of efficiency, economy and maximum hygiene.

Simple & Flexible

  • Set up only once per day
  • 15 second patient changeover
  • Intuitive operator control at patients side

Economical & Efficient

  • Low costs for disposables
  • Optimal contrast medium management through CM-Loop* and CM-Select*
  • Efficient workflow

Hygienic & Safe

  • Closed system: direct injection from the original media containers
  • Automatic patient-side air monitoring
  • SafeConnect with contact protection

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