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Micro-X | Rover Medical

Introducing a New Era in X-Ray Imaging

Think smaller, lighter and faster x-ray solutions with Nano Electronic X-Ray NEX Technology. The Rover Mobile DR is an ultra-light weight X-ray unit providing high quality imaging at Point of Care for patients at home, in hospital or on the sports field!

Several unique components contribute to its lightness:

World first Nano Electronic X ray or NEX Technology™ using carbon nano tubes, generate x-rays without heat yet with high precision.

Therefore, the bulk of oil, lead and motors needed for cooling traditional thermionic X-rays machines are not needed.

NEX Technology delivers an X-ray tube of 2.35 kgs, our head is <6 kgs and the counterpoise arm <16.5ks. The total weight of the Rover Mobile DR is about 100kgs.

No motors and fewer batteries are needed further reducing weight.

Nano Electrionic X-Ray (NEX) Tubes are:

  • Small and compact
  • Lightweight
  • Fast and Efficient
  • Reliable through simplicity
  • Precisely controlled

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