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Ulrich MAX 3 Success at Tullamore Hospital

Tullamore Hospital introduces The Ulrich MR Max 3 pump as a 'vital component' within their scanning efficiency this year.

David Kelly, MRI Clinical Specialist Radiographer commented that 'the 24 hour cassettes are very convenient as on some days we may not start injections until the afternoon and the cassette will be still good to use the following morning, reducing wastage and costs.  The two spike contrast system allows us to plan contrast volume usage accurately and efficiently especially with the wide range of compatible vials i.e. 15, 20, 50 and 100mls.  Depending on patient numbers and contrast dosage we can mix and match the vials to ensure that there is no contrast wastage at the end of every day'.

'The patient tubing is very intuitive and easy to use with practically no time lost between patients and with the pump’s air detector feature and pressure gauge the chances of extravasation are extremely low'.

'We could not be happier with the support and service provided by the team at Synapse'.

'We are confident that as workload increases the Ulrich Max 3 pump will be able to meet the demands of the department into the future'.

Pictured with their MAX injector are: 

David Kelly (MRI Clinical Specialist Radiographer), Yvonne Guinan, Joe Connolly, Declan Beirne, Mansfield Grobbelaar, Michael Carson (Synapse Medical Diagnostic Imagine Sales Specialist).

For more information on The Ulrich MR Max 3 Pump  contact: 


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