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Synapse Medical is proud to partner with Febromed to build Get up® system in CT department of TUH.


Tallaght University Hospital (TUH), a leading Western Dublin hospital, annually serves over 410,000 patients. In May 2023, TUH established a specialised and dedicated CT department within its Accident and Emergency (A&E) section.

Approximately 30% of CT scan patients require assistance due to mobility issues, causing a substantial workload, especially for the 80% female hospital staff.

According to Hanah Turner, a CT Clinical Specialist in TUH, it's hard to transition patients from a supine position to a sitting or standing position without them pulling on the radiographer's arms or shoulders. There's also a lot of stooping involved as the bed height is lowered to ensure patient safety. Since every patient in the CT scanner must be on the bed, there is a significant amount of manual handling and moving involved. Sometimes, full slide transfers occur instead of assisting the patient to stand, which leads to more time spent on the scanner and decreased output.

These challenges have been further explored by University College Cork Ireland who determined that the prevalence of lower back pain (LBP) among radiographers in Ireland is significantly higher, at 4.7 times the general population rate. This elevated LBP rate places immense strain on both human and financial resources (Fallon et al. 2023).


To address this issue, the Synapse Medical Diagnostic Imaging team engaged in a comprehensive assessment of the daily challenges faced by CT staff.

In response to these findings, Synapse Medical introduced the innovative "Get up®" swivelling handle system from Febromed to their expanding Diagnostic Imaging portfolio in the UK and Ireland. This solution significantly improves the efficiency of patient transfers to and from the CT couch, reducing the need for extensive assistance from radiographers. The "Get up®" system offers excellent mobility over the scan table and trolley and can be conveniently stowed when not in use. Patients also feel more empowered, enhancing their involvement in their own care journey.

The collaborative efforts of the Synapse team, along with the compelling clinical evidence, have played a pivotal role in gaining the trust and support of the medical staff. This has firmly established the "Get up®" system as the preferred choice for enhancing patient care within the healthcare facility.


The introduction of Febromed's "Get up®" system has played a pivotal role in achieving outstanding outcomes at TUH. It has garnered unanimous approval from the staff and is now a mandatory fixture in all new CT rooms. TUH currently boasts two "Get up®" systems, and the latest version consistently elevates patient and staff safety and satisfaction.

Notably, TUH has recognized that Febromed's "Get up®" is an easy-to-use, durable, and low-maintenance device. Its effectiveness and user-friendliness make it an indispensable addition to the CT rooms. As CT Clinical Specialist Hannah Turner at TUH attested, "I am very pleased with our Febromed systems, as they significantly enhance the patient and staff experience in our busy CT department."

We are collaborating with TUH to compile data on the incidence of LBP among their staff, particularly focusing on sick leave, referrals to Occupational Health, and injuries stemming directly from LBP.

Looking ahead, the "Get up®" unquestionably stands as an essential manual handling assistance device that can be installed and utilised in any clinical environment. Reaffirming Synapse Medical’s commitment to delivering healthcare excellence and improvements for patients and clinical end users.

Fallon B, England A, Young R, Moore N, McEntee M. Prevalence of low back pain among Irish radiographers. J Med Imaging Radiat Sci. 2023 Jun;54(2):273-280. doi: 10.1016/j.jmir.2023.01.006. Epub 2023 Feb 10. PMID: 36775683.



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